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Patient with mental & physical illness

Lakou8 has assisted all patient including physical illness in patients with severe mental disorders.

Acute & Chronic Illness

At lak8 we assist patient with acute and chronic illness.Acute conditions can be severe and sudden in onset which include anything from a broken bone to an asthma attack.

Psychiatric conditions

A psychiatric disorder and psychiatric conditions are mental illness diagnosed by a mental health professional.

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Why to choose us

It is a non-profit primary care and psychiatric clinic, which will focus on low income people. 

Why we are better

The goal is to help people with acute and chronic illnesses and psychiatric conditions.

This center will have a holistic approach of patients with mental and physical illnesses. It will promote teamwork, culturally competent care, and it will become a leader in managed care.

The team will consist of a psychiatrist who will be the program director and focus on patient safety, evidence-based practice, regulatory compliance, patient outcomes, and quality.

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Lakou8 works with companies, non-profit organizations and people worldwide to provide the best health services possible. We value our partners and the relations we have built with them.


My long-term goal is to become an independent investigator and clinician in an academic and hospital setting. My DNP program of research focused on psychosocial interventions for the opioid addiction.


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